Greeting from Mayor
Welcome to the city of Kofu
A portrait of Mayor Miyajima

Kofu is a basin city which is calm and surrounded by natural beauty and holy Mt. Fuji to the south, the Yatsugatake mountain ranges and Mt. Kinpu to the north, and the South Japan Alps to the west. Also the Arakawa River flows through Kofu from the Chichibu-Tama- Kai mountain ranges. That's why Kofu is called "The Mountain City".

Takeda-Nobutora, Yamanashi's famous warlord who is Takeda Shingen's father made the City of Kofu as a castle city. Kofu has also been called the historical city, and has prospered as the capital of Yamanashi's politics, economics, and culture.

Kofu can offers people numerous attractions and regional industries, including Shosenkyo that hallmarked as the most beautiful Japanese gorge, Yumura and Sekisuiji spas, Koshu grapes, wine and fine crystal.

Kofu is also famous for its jewelry industry, whose quality is compared with those of the city of Idar Oberstein in Germany, the world's central city for jewelry. We send information to the world that Kofu is a city of great sensibilities coupled with high technologies.

Kofu became the Special Case City on November 1st, 2000. We are developing and growing as a regional core city, which shoulders administrative decentralization, and the capital city of Yamanashi prefecture. On the basis of decentralization wind, I will put an emphasis on citizen's welfare and regional promotion, and I will get down to structuring of the hopeful city, Kofu to the future.

Kofu is blessed with nature and history. We will strive to develop and to take large steps in the future to realize the city's main city theme "Wa-city Kofu, the linkable city to people and region".

The 38th Mayor of the city of Kofu, Masanobu Miyajima