Annual Events

Singen Ko Festival Shingen Ko Festival

This is a festival to cherish and honor the virtue of Takeda Shingen held in April annually. We have a parade of "Koshu army corps' going to the front," to reenact the scenes of historical picture scroll of Takeda family, and of Takeda army's going to the front to the historical Kawanakajima Battles. And we also celebrate the "Takeda Castle Festival," where children play and reenact the Koshu army at going to the front of the battlefield. On April 12, the anniversary of Shingen's death, the "cavalcade of 24 generals" by a participation of the general public, proceeds the streets.

Others ;
Feb. Daijingu Setsubun Festival (Chuo)
Feb. Yakuyoke Jizo Festival (Yumura)
Apr. Tendushinomai (Kose)
May Shonoki Festival (Otamachi)
Oct. Kofu Daisuki Festival
Nov. Kofu Ebisuko Festival

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