Hot Spring Towns (Onsen)

Yumura hot spring town
The town is located in about 3 kilometers northwest from the Kofu Station, and is an old hot spring resort town at the foot of Yumura mountain. When Kobo Taishi was making a pilgrimage all over Japan, he dropped here in Yumura in 808. As he saw people suffering with disease and injuries, he pointed his stick to the ground, saying bathing in a medical bath is good for the health; then a hot water spouted and made the people healthy.
Kofu hot spring town
We call several hot spring bathing places in the Kofu City, as Kofu onsenkyo. They say it is unusual that a capital town has hot springs in the center of the city in Japan.
Sekisuiji hot spring
About 5 kilometers in the north from the Kofu Station, a hot spring town, which is located at the foot of Yougai mountain, where Shingen was born; and this is famous as one of the secret spas of Shingen. There are two hot spring areas, an old hot spring and a new one, and we call both of them Sekisuiji onsen. It is located in a quiet hill and there are many visitors from within and outside the prefecture.
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Member hotels of Yumura Hot Spring Association TEL: 055-252-2261
Member hotels of Kofu Hotel and Ryokan Association TEL: 055-222-9733

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