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hoto Hoto pasta

We make a dough with wheat flour with a warm water, roll out and cut in wider pasta. The pasta is not boiled but cooked with vegetables in miso soup. Hoto is famous as the meal in Takeda army at the front of the battlefield.

mitakesoba Mitake soba noodle

The specialty food of Shosenkyo. The noodle is made from a buck wheat flour using specially cultivated kuro soba by the local people and a rat-shaped hot radish is used as a spice. This soba noodle is restored from the cooking literature in the old days.

wine Wine

The first wine made in Japan was brewed in Kofu around 1871. About 70% of wine produced in Japan is made in Yamanashi.

nigai Nigai, boiled abalone

The abalone cooked in soysource. This is originated in late Edo period when people in Suruga Province delivered the lots of boiled abalone in soysource in a small keg to mountainous Koshu Province.

jewelry Jewelry

The jewelry industry of Kofu was originated from the crystal handiwork in 16th century. It is now world famous as one of the two most famous world jewelry industrial towns in the world, comparable to Idar-Oberstein in Germany.

koshuinden Koshu inden

Smoked (fumigated) deer skin is finished with lacquer and used as various tools for warriors in the past and now is designated as the national traditional craft artwork.

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