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Sister City Des Moines
Sister City Des Moines (U.S.A)
The conclusion day : August 16th,1958

Des Moines, the capital city of Iowa, is located at the center of state, which is about 500km west of Chicago. The downtown has many high rise buildings and is well urbanized.

In this area of the USA, the Central Plain, it is favored agriculturally. The Iowa State Fair is held in August annually and that is famous through the country.
Des Moines is also well known as the city of finance and insurance. There are over 50 head offices of insurance companies in this area. It can be said that it is the biggest insurance city in the country.

The Album of the 40th anniversary between Des Moins and Kofu

URL: The city of Des Moines , Iowa's Capital City
Friendship City Lodi
Friendship City Lodi (U.S.A)
The conclusion day : April 11th,1961

Lodi is located about 48km south of Sacramento, the capital city of California, and 130km east of The San Joaquin Plain and Mokelumne River. The east side of the city, there are the Sierranvada mountains. There are many grapes and cherry orchards in this area. Near Lodi, oil, gas and wood resources are produced.

The city of Lodi was establised in 1889 by the Western Pacific Railway Company and the municipal government was started in 1906.

The Kofu Park, an urban park in Lodi is over 1 ha in area and it has a gate of Irimoya-style, a kind of Japanese archaic artitecture, and the monument that presented by Kofu city. The Micke Grove Park, other park in Lodi, it has a Japanese garden. There is a five-storied pagora which presented by Kofu city, in the garden.

URL: Welcome to the City of Lodi

Sister City Pau
Sister City Pau (France)
The conclusion day : August 18th,1975

Pau, the capital city of Pyrenees, Atlantiques is located at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains which are on the border between France and Spain.

Since the 18th century, the city of Pau has flourished as a major resort and tourst attraction. Pau is always lively and maining it's histrical character.

Citizens are proud of this city as a birthplace of Monsieur The Henri V, the former king of France around the 16th century.

The city of Pau is also well known as the center of politics, economy, culture, education and traffic in the area. From the thoroughfare of Pau, we can see many natural beautiful scenes.

URL: The city of Pau

Friendship City Chengdu
Friendship City Chengdu (China)
The conclusion day : September 27th,1984

Chengdu, the capital city of the Province of Si Chuan is 2,048km south west of Beijing, famous for the Giant Panda & Si Chuan dishes. The climate of Chengdu is mild and annual precipitation is about 1000mm. Chengdu has been called "The Productive city, Chengdu"for long time. The annual average temparature is about 17 degrees.

Chengdu has a long history. 2000 years ago, The king of Shu, Kai Ming IX occupied that area. The era of Han, the famous product has been silk, Chengdu was called "the city of Silk". During the Sangoku era(3-4C), Liu Bei Xuan De, established the country of Shu and Han, and Zhu Ge Liang Ming ruled there.

The regional products of Chengdu are textiles and iron and mechanical materials. As for agricultural products are rice, wheat, soybeans, colza seed and corn. Rice is the No.1 product in China.

URL: The City of Chengdu , Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office

Sister City Yamatokoriyama
Sister City Yamatokoriyama (Japan)
The conclusion day : January 22nd,1992

Yamatokoriyama, the center of Yamato basin in the north west of Nara prefecture has flourished in politics, economies and culture. There are historical places like Todaiji temple and Kofukuji temple in this area. After the Meiji era, Yamatokoriyama became an important producer of textiles and agriculture. The municipal system of Yamatokoriyama was started on January 1st, 1954 and was the 3rd city in Nara prefecture.

As for industry, Yamatokoriyama is famous for high-tecnology industry like electronic and machine tool. For regional industry, Yamatokoriyama is famous for ceramics, writing brushes, and leather crafts, Yamatokoriyama is famous for rice, strawberries and tomatoes. Through out the world, Yamatokoriyama is well known for golden-fish. Up to 82 million fish are produced annually in the area.

URL: The City of Yamatokoriyama
Friendship City Cheongju
Friendship City Cheongju (Republic of Korea)
The conclusion day : September 26th,2002

Cheongju is located 128km south-east of Seoul and capital city of Chungchongbuk-do.The dry and wet season are clearly divided, so the summer has south-east or south-west winds of heat and moisture, while the winter has north-west cold and dry winds.

Special products of Cheongju are locally brewed Judube wine, pottery and aerated water which includes several kinds of mineral.

Cheongju is also famous for the education and cultural city where the oldest metal-printed book"Jigji" was made. Cheongju is peacefull place and they are proud of natural beauty and their history over 1000 years.

URL: Welcome to Cheongju City

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