City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

The best places for shots of scenic seasonal beauty!要拍四季美景就去这里!Address1-1-9 Marunouchi, Kofu City(Kofu Station Area)Kamiobina-cho, Kofu City(Shosenkyo Valley Area)AddressAddressInokari-cho, Kofu City(Shosenkyo Valley Area)AddressTakanari-cho, Kofu City(Shosenkyo Valley Area)Statue of Lord Shingen Takeda and Cherry BlossomsShosenkyo ValleyTenkorin(Shosenkyo Valley)Sengataki WaterfallAnnual Precipitation and Average Temperatures in KofuWhat to WearAutumnSpringSummerWinterKofu is packed with stunning spots where you can enjoy impressive views of Mt. Fuji, and the scenic beauty of the four seasons. Be sure to take photos as memories of your wonderful trip!甲府有很多可以眺望壮丽的富士山以及欣赏四季美景的绝佳景点。为了给美妙的旅行留下回忆,一定要拍照留念哦!A coat in early March; Layered clothing in April, such as sweaters or cardigans; One long-sleeved layer in May.Long sleeves in chilly and rainy June; Short sleeves in July and August.A coat or down jacket, a scarf and gloves from December to February.A long-sleeved jacket from mid-September;Long-sleeves and a cardigan in October;A coat in November.MAPP32MAPP32MAPP14MAPP3211SpringSummerWinterAutumn020406080100120140160180200Precipitation(mm)Average Temperature(℃)Precipitation(mm)Average Temperature(℃)051015202530123456789101112Source: Japan Meteorological Agency