City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

甲斐善光寺Kai Zenko-ji TempleFounded when Lord Shingen, fearing the destruction of Nagano’s Zenko-ji Temple in a battle, moved the statue of the main deity and other relics here. Don’t miss the 27 meter-high "kondo" main hall and gate.3-36-1 Zenkoji, Kofu City   055-233-7570 Sakaori, Kofu City   055-233-5893    The park is open from February 1 until March 31. Tokoji, Kofu City   055-237-1641   9:00-17:00   Regular holiday: The fourth Tuesday of each month (In case of National Holidays, closed on the next days)不老園FurouenLocated on a hillside near JR Sakaori Station, this 50,000 square meter park is Yamanashi’s leading plum blossom garden. In spring, visitors can enjoy the beautiful sight of around 3,200 flowering plum trees of 20 varieties, red pine, cherry blossoms, nandina and peonies in bloom.かいてらす(山梨県地場産業センター)Kai Terrace Yamanashi Local Industry CenterYou can buy all your Yamanashi souvenirs here. The center displays and sells around 4,500 local products, including jewelry and wine, which are the pride of Yamanashi, "Inden" leather goods, Japanese "washi" paper, and sweets. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy local dishes.MAPP18MAPP18MAPP18B01B02B03×※Chaina UnionPay accepted19¥Central Kofu