City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

The Kofu Basin is famous as a producer of delicious grapes. Many are cultivated as a food ingredient and for wine making. There are grape farms just ten minutes by car from Kofu Station, and you can enjoy a range of varieties over many months of the year - from Delaware in July, to Koshu in November. Varieties range from the standard Delaware, Pione and Kyoho, to more unusual types such as Shine Muscat, and Rosario Bianco. There are also many kinds which can be eaten unskinned. Enjoy sampling and comparing the different varieties to find your favorite. This winery is located on the top of a hill and commands panoramic views of Kofu City. It produces wine and exchanges information on wine fermenting techniques with wineries across the world. Tours are available. MAPP13MAPP18Chateau SakaoriB08Every August, the winery sells Nounoubeau, an original wine made with unripe Delaware grapes picked earlier than those used to make Nouveau wine. Tours are also offered.Kofu Wine PortB09Kai Zenko-ji Temple Area Wineries1338-203 Sakaori-cho, Kofu City   055-227-051147 Sakurai-cho, Kofu City   055-233-4427シャトー酒折ワイナリー(株)甲府ワインポート/ 甲府盆地的葡萄 /Grape Picking SeasonMain Kinds of Grapes7891011Jul.Aug.Sep. Oct.Nov.DelawareKyohoPioneShine MuscatKaijiRosario BiancoKoshuDelawareKyohoPioneShine MuscatKaijiRosario BiancoKoshu甲斐善光寺周边的酒厂Grapes from the Kofu Basin 21Central Kofu