City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

武田神社Takeda-jinja ShrineThis shrine is dedicated to Lord Shingen Takeda, the famous general of Kai Province. It is the site of the historic residence, Tsutsujigasaki, from where three generations of the Takeda clan ruled for over 63 years. In the grounds, original remains include the moat, mounds, stone walls and water wells.2611 Kofuchu-machi, Kofu City   055-252-2609, Kofu City   055-237-5702武田信玄公墓所Tomb of Lord Shingen TakedaLord Shingen Takeda died on April 12th, 1573, at Shinshu Ina-komaba at the age of 53. To prevent chaos, his death was kept secret for three years. During those years, his body was laid to rest here.C01C02MAPP22MAPP22123123How to pray at the shrine参拜方法 /Wash your hands at the basin at the side of the approach.Bow in front of the Haiden (worship hall). Throw your offering into the box. Ring the bell.Bow deeply twice. Clap twice. Finally, bow deeply once more.23Central Kofu