City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

Town of the Takeda ClanIn 2019, Kofu will mark the 500th year since Nobutora Takeda, the father of the famous Warring States period Lord Shingen Takeda, moved the ruling base of Kai Province to the Tsutsujigasaki residence in 1519. It is unusual in Japan for a city to know the exact year when the reign began, and also to have such a long history. With the residence as the starting point, Nobutora constructed main roads and proceeded to develop the town systematically, building houses for retainers, temples, shrines, dwellings for craftspeople and markets. Thus, the castle town of Kofu was born. His son, Shingen, and then Shingen’s son, Katsuyori, continued to develop the town. After the fall of the Takeda clan, the center of Kofu was transferred south due to the construction of Kofu Castle. However, the historic town which the Takeda family built developed and prospered, and will soon be marking its 500th year.HistoryTown of the Takeda Clan武田家ゆかりのまちThe historic town of Kofu, founded 500 years ago by the Takeda clan武田氏开府500年 历史悠久的甲府城24Central Kofu