City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

Kofu GozanLord Shingen Takeda was a man of deep faith, and he placed five of Kofu’s high-status historic temples of the Rinzai Sect (one of Japan’s Zen schools of Buddhism) under his protection. These temples are known as Kofu Gozan. Each temple preserves cultural assets of the Takeda clan. 甲府五山長禅寺Chozen-ji TempleThe temple where Lord Shingen studied Zen, and the burial place of his mother.C03MAP P13208 Atago-machi, Kofu City能成寺Nojo-ji TempleHas a stone inscribed with a haiku by the great poet Matsuo Basho, and a stone called Shukuryuike-no-hi, which tells the legend of a dragon passed down at the temple. C05MAP P182153 Tokoji-machi, Kofu City円光院Enko-in TempleThe burial place of Lady Sanjo, the wife of Lord Shingen Takeda.C07MAP P22500-1 Iwakubo-cho, Kofu City東光寺Toko-ji TempleThe Butsuden (Buddha Hall), which has a cypress bark roof, is a nationally designated Important Cultural Property. The temple has a beautiful garden, and is the burial place of Yoshinobu Takeda, Lord Shingen’s son. C04MAP P183-7-37 Tokoji, Kofu City法泉寺Hosen-ji TempleBuilt by Nobutake, an ancestor of Lord Shingen Takeda. C06MAP P132595 Wada-machi, Kofu City25Central Kofu