City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

Strawberry PickingLocated in the southern area of Kofu, Omagari-cho is Yamanashi Prefecture’s largest strawberry production area. In covered farms unaffected by the weather, you can eat your fill of a wide variety of strawberries. 甲府南部的小曲町是山梨县最大的草莓产地。不受天气影响的温室农场中栽培了丰富品种的草莓,包您一饱口福。Strawberry picking season in Omagari runs from January to May. There are eight farms, and each one uses original cultivation methods to grow strawberries which are juicy and bursting with sweetness. The abundant varieties include Akihime, Beni-hoppe, Sachika-no-Asuka Ruby, Tochi-otome, Kanami-hime, Momo-ichigo, Yayoi-hime, and Akashiya-mitsuko. Enjoy sampling and comparing the different varieties. There are also barrier-free farms and those which can be reserved for families, so you can choose the farm which suits your needs. いちご狩り摘草莓 / Omagari Kanko Ichigo Association小曲観光いちご組合Omagari-cho area, Kofu City055-223-9609Strawberry Picking Season12345Jan.Feb.Mar.Apr.MayStrawberryThe exceptional strawberries of Omagari小曲的特色草莓31Central Kofu