City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

仙娥滝Sengataki WaterfallLocated at the innermost part of the gorge, this magnificent 30-meter waterfall was formed through dislocation from crustal movement. Enjoy its beauty throughout the seasons, from the fresh greens during spring to the red leaves during fall, and the snowy landscapes of winter.Inokari-cho, Kofu City   055-237-5702, Kofu City   055-237-5702荒川ダムArakawa DamA dam built on the upper reach of the Arakawa River. It is surrounded by the beautiful Mitake Shosenkyo Suigen-no-Mori, which is one of Japan’s top 100 water source forests.MAPP32MAPP32G01G02HistoryShosenkyo Valley, a flourishing area since the Edo period从江户时代就游客如织的升仙峡At the end of the Edo period, Shosenkyo Valley became known as a beauty spot and tourism prospered after the Mitake Shindo road was constructed for use by the locals. Long ago, it was also called “Crystal-no-Sato” (crystal village) because of the large amount of crystal cut from the mountains in the north. 33Northern Kofu南 部The □□□□□□□□□