City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

Famous Mountains of YamanashiMt. RakanjiSuitable for beginners羅漢寺山Required time (approx): 4 hoursEnjoy a pleasant climb while admiring the stunning beauty of Shosenkyo Valley, Japan’s most scenic valley.H02Mt. SanpobunzanSuitable for intermediate climbers三方分山Required time (approx): 2 hours 30 minutesEnjoy climbing while gazing at the magnificent sight of Mt. Fuji, from the side of Lake Shojiko.H03适合初级登山者需要时间(大概):4小时适合中级登山者需要时间(大概):2小时30分Mt. YogaiSuitable for beginners要害山Required time (approx ): 3 hoursThe climb is more like a hike. Many relics related to Lord Shingen Takeda remain. H04适合初级登山者需要时间(大概):3小时Mt. KinpuSuitable for intermediate climbers金峰山Required time (approx): 6 hours 30 minutes适合中级登山者以上需要时间(大概):6小时30分Pass along the rocky ridge of a precipice called Chiyo-no-Fukiage, and aim for the summit.H0135Northern Kofu