City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

4April7July10October11NovemberLord Shingen Festival; City center; Early AprilThe Mounted Procession of Lord Shingen Takeda’s 24 Generals; Takeda-jinja Shrine to Yuki Park; 12thTenzushinomai Puppet Performance; Tenzushi-jinja Shrine, Kose-machi; Sunday in early AprilEitai-ji Temple Buddha’s Birthday Festival; Eitai-ji Temple, Furuseki-machi; 8thTanabata Festival; City center; 5th - 7thWe Love Kofu Festival; City center; 3rd SaturdayKofu Ebisu-ko Festival; Central shopping arcade; 23rdEarly AprilLord Shingen Festival2FebruaryDaijingu Setsubun Festival; City center; 3rdYakuyoke Jizo Festival; Entaku-ji Temple, Yumura; 13th - 14th 5MayShonokiinari Festival; Inazumi-jinja Shrine, Ota-machi, Kofu City; 2nd - 5th WinterSpringSpringSummerAutumnAutumnEach area of Kofu has a large number of events in which you can feel the rich history and culture of the city. 甲府有许多能深刻感受各地历史文化的活动。Event CalendarYamanashi’s largest festival. The Koshu Battalion procession, led by 24 generals including Lord Shingen, holds the Guinness World Record for the largest warrior parade.40