City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

200mFurouenYamanashi Gakuin High SchoolJoshoin TempleJiko Nursery SchoolSatogaki Elm. SchoolSakaori Sta.Sakaorinomiya ShrineZenkoji Sta.Satogaki Elm. SchoolSakaorinomiya Shrine Ent.Zenkoji Temple Ent.Sakaori Sta.酒折駅Chateau Sakaoriシャトー酒折ワイナリーKai Zenko-ji Temple甲斐善光寺Kai Terrace Yamanashi Local Industry Center山梨県地場産業センターSakaori Sta.酒折駅12341Suggested CoursesOkaidan Meguri, a visit to the tunnel under Kai Zenko-ji Temple, where it is said you can enter the Pure Land, is an experience not to miss. Enjoy the many attractions of Kofu, including a winery visit and local specialty products.一定要体验一次,传说能通往极乐净土的甲斐善光寺戒坛。甲府丰富多彩的魅力在酒厂和特产上体现得淋漓尽致。From July to November when grapes are in season, visit farms near Zenko-ji Temple to pick grapes, and from February to March when Japanese plums blossom visit Furouen Park to admire the beauty.Fun and Exciting “Okaidan Meguri” and Winery Visit欢快的“戒坛游”和美酒之旅13 minute-walk20 minute-walk5 minute-walk17 minute-walkMap推荐路线MAP P18 B10MAP P18MAP P18MAP P18 B01MAP P18 B03423142