City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

Bus交通手段 /Haneda Airport International Terminal Kofu Sta.Narita AirportApprox. 3 h 50 minApprox. 3 h 40 minKofu Sta.Nagoya Sta.Approx. 4 h 15 minShinjuku Bus Terminal Approx. 2 h 10 minKofu is 1 hour 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station by train, and approximately 3 hours from Narita Airport. There are also convenient highway buses which run directly from Narita Airport, Shinjuku, Nagoya, and other major cities. There is also a bus from Lake Kawaguchi, near Mt. Fuji, to Kofu Station. It takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. 从新宿站坐电车到甲府需要约一个半小时,从成田机场则需3小时左右。成田机场、新宿、名古屋等主要城市都有直达高速巴士,十分便利。富士山脚下的河口湖也有巴士路线,到甲府站大约要花一个半小时的时间。※The required times shown are guidelines. The actual times may vary depending on transportation conditions.Access YAMANASHITrainNarita AirportShinjuku Sta.Kofu Sta.Haneda Airport International Terminal Shinagawa Sta.Shinjuku Sta.Narita ExpressApprox. 1 h 30 minKeikyu LineApprox. 13 min JR Yamanote LineApprox. 20 minLimited express train, JR Chuo Main LineApprox. 1 h 30 minNagoya Sta.Shizuoka Sta.Kofu Sta.Shinjuku Sta.Kofu Sta.JR Tokaido ShinkansenApprox. 1 h Limited express train, JR Chuo Main LineApprox. 1 h 30 minLimited express train, JR Minobu LineApprox. 2 hKofu Sta.Kofu Sta.Nagoya Sta.Shizuoka Sta.JR Chuo Main LineJR Minobu Line Tokyo Sta.Shinjuku Sta.Otuki Sta.Kawaguhciko Sta.Fujikyu-Otuki LineShinagawaSta. JR Yamanote LineKofu Sta.JR Tokaido ShinkansenNarita AirportHaneda Airport International Terminal44