City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

How to get to Kofu from Narita AirportJR Narita Expressfrom Narita AirportChanging to JR Chuo Main Line Limited Express at Shinjuku Station从成田机场去往甲府的交通方式从成田机场搭乘JR成田特快的方法在新宿站换乘JR中央本线特急的方法Go to the 1st basement floor from the 1st floor Arrivals Lobby.1Go to the platform.4Check your destination on the electric signboard.*Check the car number on your ticket.56Head towards the JR Line platform.2Buy a ticket at the ticket counter.Get off at Shinjuku Station.3Narita Express arrives at platforms 5 and 6.1Follow the signs to Chuo Main Line Limited Express platforms 9 and 10 (in blue).245