City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

TrainBusTaxiUsing Public Transport公共交通工具乘坐方法 // 电车 / Look at the route map. Confirm the fare to your destination.1Put your money in the ticket machine. Press the applicable fare.Take your ticket and change.3Put your ticket into the slot on the front of the ticket gate. Take your ticket out of the slot at the other end.4/ 巴士 / Wait for the bus at the bus stop.1Enter the bus through the center door. Take a numbered ticket from the machine at the entrance. 2When you hear the announcement for your stop, press the round “Tomarimasu” (とまります) stop button.豈3Find the number on the fare display which matches that on your ticket. Put the fare into the box.4/ 出租车 / Taxis can be found near stations.1Get in through the back door.2Tell the driver your destination. Show the driver the place in a guidebook if possible.3Pay the fare displayed on the meter. You do not need to give a tip. 4246