City Guide Map Kofu City (EN, SC, TC)

MAP P38K05B03055-220-5066MAP P13L01055-236-5677MAP P14055-254-8865MAP P13L02055-222-0032A02KOFU NO AKASHIKoshu IndenShunka RollShunkaロールShunka IchibaAnko Kobo Itsumi-anBudoya kofu, Koshu Yume Kouji storeKoshu-Jidori IchibaKimihime Daifukuきみひめ大福Budoya Kofu Raisin SandKoshu-Jidori甲州地どり传承400年的传统工艺品A traditional craft with 400 years of history400Lacquered deer leather. In the Warring States era it was used on armor, and in the Edo era was used to make purses, etc.Luxurious roll cake, packed with peach, pear, and Kimihime corn, a Kofu City specialty which has the sweetness of fruit.Daifuku rice cakes with flavorful corn paste, made with a Kofu City specialty, Kimihime corn, which is sweet even when eaten raw. The rice cakes have a refreshing sweetness. A sweet sandwiched cookie made with selected ingredients. The cream contains Kofu grape raisins and Kofu red wine.Delicious Koshu-Jidori chicken products, including pudding made with fertilized egg, sausage, smoked meat and jerky. The chickens are raised freely in abundant natural surroundings, and all products have a rich taste.A brand born from the unique climate of Kofu, and certified as a superior Kofu product by the city administration.Superior brand products - the pride of Kofu甲府之宝09葡萄屋kofu レーズンサンドP18